Denise Hawkinson Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Women’s Therapy | Group Therapy | Couples Therapy

Women’s Therapy:

Positive treatment requires respect for the rich tapestry of experience that makes a woman who she is, from her health history and cultural heritage to her socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and, in particular, her time of life.

Early Adulthood:
With a girl’s transition to womanhood come emotional stressors like self-image, schooling, the workplace, dealing with relationships and individuating from her parents.

The Childbearing Years:
A host of factors can tax a woman’s ability to cope during these stressful years and challenging times. These commonly include:

The Transition of Menopause:
Redefining roles, re-examining marriage, children moving on, and the powerful physical changes of perimenopause and menopause often trigger emotional conditions. At the same time, many women also feel the special strain of caring for aging parents.

Group Therapy:

In catering specifically to the needs of women, I offer small group experiences on issues related to women’s needs.

Group sessions can provide you with the following benefits:

Couples Therapy:

First and foremost, the purpose of Couples Therapy is to assist clients in determining the desired course of their relationship. Couples therapy can focus on deepening connection and developing new strategies for reducing conflict. It can involve identifying areas of conflict, examining roles of individuals, and aid clients in implementing new behaviors to foster greater trust and acceptance to achieve a more satisfying relationship.